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Learn to BE CHAMPION of the Ball

THE KEEPUPFreestyle System


The universe of KeepUp, freestyle and football/soccer moves have been categorised and rated by degree of difficulty to create the combination sport of KeepUpFreestyle (KUF for short). Points in the range of 5-250 are awarded for each completed move. The aim is to learn as many skills as possible to become as good as you can.

1. TYRO - 250 points

The starting level for young girls and boys to develop their confidence in ball control. Starting with a focus on freestyle raise and soccer moves. Tyro's learn to keep the ball in the air, raise the ball of the ground as well as some performing some famous ground moves from football legends current and past.

2. Rookie - 750 points

Rookies are introduced to freestyle stalls and ground moves and start to develop their performance skills through combinations. Soccer challenges are used to develop ball control accuracy. The Keep Up targets become a more challenging 10 and 25.

3. Maverick - 2000 points

Maverick's are introduced to more advanced air moves and sit down moves and would be capable of coaching Tyro and Rookie levels and the KS2 KeepUpFreestyle course in schools. They also advance their ground control and stalls. The Maverick signature move is the popular Around the World.

4. Eye Catcer- 4000 points

Eye Catchers learn to complete a wide range of technically difficult Around the World air moves and head stalls. The Eye Catcher level is considered the level that gives Freestylers bragging rights to create their own freestyle ball control magic either for fun or professionally

5. Virtuoso - 7000 points

Virtuoso's learn a wider range of advanced freestyle air move techniques as seen performed in Freestyle Football competitions and challenges. A Virtuoso's can perform a wider repertoire of moves and can deliver a combination capable of delivering a career in freestyle football/soccer/ball control.

6. Warrior - 10000 points

The Warrior level defines physical ability as well as skill. Taking Freestyle to the limits of the human body. Skills include doubles, triples and combinations of technically advanced air moves. Warriors are capable of achieving almost any physical air move created with a football.

7. Master -You will know !

Because we are passionate about KeepUpFreestyle and seeing children having fun, burning energy and gaining in confidence, we are giving away 100 Coaching Manuals to the first 100 subscribers to our email list.

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