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Rookie Freestyle Skills

Watch John Farnworth complete all the Rookie moves – Cool !

Learn, practice and complete the Rookie moves, keepUps and soccer challenges. Collect 750 KeepUp Freestyle points and become a Rookie Freestyler.

Freestyle/Soccer MovesCategoryTypeStyleSub-TypePoints
Rivelino ElasicoSMTechniqueFoot SkillsFS25
Reverse ElasticoSMTechniqueFoot SkillsFS25
RabonaSMTechniqueFoot SkillsFS25
MaradonaSMTechniqueFoot SkillsFS25
Glue 360SMTechniqueFoot SkillsFS30
Ronaldo 2SMTechniqueFoot SkillsFS30
Ronaldo 3SMTechniqueFoot SkillsFS30
RonaldinhoSMTechniqueFoot SkillsFS30
Reverse TriangleSMTechniqueFoot SkillsFS50
PinchFSTechniqueRaise moveRM30
The Rainbow FlickFSTechniqueRaise moveRM30
Reverse PinchFSTechniqueRaise moveRM40
Static ScoopFSTechniqueRaise MoveRM40
180 RollerFSTechniqueRaise moveRM45
Switch Scoop Knee BounceFSTechniqueRaise moveRM45
PiledriverFSTechniqueRaise moveRM50
Kick StartFSTechniqueRaise moveRM50
Ankle GrabFSTechniqueStalls & GrabsSG25
Foot StallFSTechniqueStalls & GrabsSG35
The CraneFSTechniqueStalls & GrabsSG40
Inside Foot StallFSTechniqueStalls & GrabsSG45
Outside Foot StallFSTechniqueStalls & GrabsSG50
Neck Stall (throw)FSTechniqueStalls & GrabsSG50
Dislocated KneeFSTechniqueAir MoveAM40
Bounce Heel KickFSTechniqueAir MoveAM40
ATW BasicFSTechniqueAir MoveAM40
Slam DownFSTechniqueAir MoveAM40
Knee bounceFSTechniqueAir MoveAM40
10 KU'sKUScoreAir MoveKU25
25 KU'sKUScoreAir MoveKU50
10 Keep UpsFSTechniqueSitting MovesKU50
Post from Penalty SpotSCBlastAccuracyOS30
10 Headers in 2'sSCBlastcontrolOS40
10 Wall BouncesSCBlastcontrolOS45
10 Keep Up's in 2'sSCBlastcontrolOS50
20 Keep Up's in 3'sSCBlastcontrolOS50

Now for some slightly harder but significantly cooler stuff, Maverick skills, go on give them a try.

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