Coaching Pack & Support

£39.99 every 3 months

Coaching Pack & Support

£39.99 every 3 months

Monthly Subscription  – Build your own business coaching KeepUpFreestyle to 8-15 years olds

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Quarterly subscription package includes:

Rights to use the KeepUpFreestlye, KeepUp names, logo’s and documents.

Access to the Membership DIY Folder Coaches folder containing :

Template documents for running and managing a Coaching Club.

Membership DIY Folder – Easy to follow sections

Compliance Files– Health & Safety checklist, Risk Assessment, Safeguarding and Children Policy – Protect yourself and your freestylers

Freestyler Files– New Member PARQ & Profile – Keep a record of your Freestylers and their achievements

Session Files– Plan, Evaluation, Coaching Evaluation & Plan – Fail to plan, plan to fail. Keep improving through continuous evaluation.

KeepUpFreestyle – Points, Score Sheet – Plan your sessions around coaching your Freestylers all the KeepUpFreestyle Code. The level of difficulty is defined by the points awarded for each move.

Templates – KeepUp leagues, KeepUpFreestyle leagues

 Plus Email support.


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