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The KeepUpFreestyle Coaching Manual contains similar information to Football Coaching Franchises costing thousands of pounds. We recommend KeepUpFreestyle to coaches with/without Coaching franchises as either a high return on investment addition to their existing coaching activities and/or for new coaches to use KeepUpFreestyle as a stand alone quick, easy and cheap start up operation.

There are seven sections and an appendix to the manual.

The first section provides users with general information and an overview about KeepUpFreestyle, and how to run your own coaching business.

The second section covers the KeepUpFreestyle coaching theory and practice that enables coaches to deliver higher quality coaching.

The third section covers the Organisiation and Practical Aspects of running KeepUpFreestyle sessions.

The fourth section covers the KeepUpFreestyle grading and scoring system

The fifth section includes a range of Coaching Session plans to get coaches started

The sixth section covers some coaching ideas for Key Stage 2 pupils in schools

The seventh section covers the final practical aspects to help coaches be successfully.

The appendix contains relevant information/forms referred to in the main body of the manual.


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