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Maverick Freestyle Skills to IMPRESS

Watch John Farnworth complete all the Maverick moves

Learn, practice and complete all the Maverick moves, keepUps and soccer challenges. Collect 2000 KeepUp Freestyle points and you are a Maverick

Freestyle/Soccer MovesCategoryTypeStyleSub TypePoints
GarrinchaSMTechniqueFoot SkillsFS60
Ronaldinho 2SMTechniqueFoot SkillsFS60
Stepover double touchSMTechniqueFoot SkillsFS60
X Skip (Nelson move)SMTechniqueFoot SkillsFS60
Heel CanonSMTechniqueFoot SkillsFS60
Edje MoveSMTechniqueFoot SkillsFS75
Knee AKKASMTechniqueFoot SkillsFS75
The CrossoverFSTechniqueFoot SkillsFS75
Reverse Kick StartFSTechniqueRaise moveRM75
Push PopFSTechniqueRaise moveRM75
Reverse Push PopFSTechniqueRaise moveRM75
Henry SwishFSTechniqueRaise moveRM75
Heel PopFSTechniqueRaise moveRM75
The ReboundFSTechniqueRaise moveRM75
Dragon TailFSTechniqueRaise moveRM75
Dragon Tail SlamFSTechniqueRaise moveRM75
The Rebound ATWFSTechniqueRaise moveRM90
Reverse Heel PopFSTechniqueRaise moveRM90
180 Roller ATWFSTechniqueRaise moveRM90
Jack KnifeFSTechniqueStalls and GrabsSG60
Knee StallFSTechniqueStalls and GrabsSG75
Chest StallFSTechniqueStalls and GrabsSG75
Shoulder StallFSTechniqueStalls and GrabsSG75
Head StallFSTechniqueStalls and GrabsSG90
Knee Bounce HopFSTechniqueAir MoveAM60
Inside Foot BounceFSTechniqueAir MoveAM60
Ouside Foot BounceFSTechniqueAir MoveAM60
Maradona 7FSCombinationAir MoveAM60
Bounce Heel Kick 360FSTechniqueAir MoveAM75
The X-OverFSTechniqueAir MoveAM75
The CrossoverFSTechniqueAir MoveAM75
Around the World (ATW)FSTechniqueAir MoveAM90
Air JesterFSTechniqueAir MoveAM90
Sitting Cross CatchFSTechniqueSitting movesSM60
Body RollFSTechniqueSitting movesSM60
The CrossoverFSTechniqueSitting movesSM75
Knee PopFSTechniqueSitting movesSM75
Sitting Laces StallFSTechniqueSitting movesSM75
50 KU'sKUScoreAir MoveKU60
100 KU'sKUScoreAir MoveKU75
250 KU'sKUScoreAir MoveKU90
25 KU'sKUScoreSitting movesKU60
50 KU'sKUScoreSitting movesKU90
Post from 18 yard lineSCBlastAccuracyOS45
10 Yard Bin ShotSCBlastAccuracyOS60
Crossbar from Penalty spotSCBlastAccuracyOS60
50 Headers in 2'sSCBlastcontrolOS60

If you’ve completed all the Maverick moves and send us a video for the site, we will give you a free Coaching Manual.

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