KeepUpFreestyle in Schools

For Teachers, Coaches and Parents, KeepUpFreestyle has developed various programs that encourage children to enjoy practising KeepUpFreestyle.

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Preston Primary School Keep Up league pilot

Feedback Summary 237 Children- 8 teams – YR4 –YR6 completed the six week league program.

12% -29 played in a football club.

97% - 229 enjoyed the keep up leagues

67% -158 practiced at home

82% - 195 would like to learn some more freestyle tricks

Ave score per child increased 124% from 3.57 KU’s to 8.01 in six weeks.

High score went from 32 in week 1 to 242 in week 6.

In total 11151 Keep ups were recorded.


The children were enthusiastic about beating their own personal targets and competing against other schools. It game a valuable lesson about starting points and end points – that practise is important. MA – Queens Drive

Improved touch and ball control, helped with balance and body position. Enjoyed it. SB –Fulwood & Cadley

Confidence, Meeting John. PM –Sherwood

It gave them something to work on/focus on getting better at/to practice. JG – Roebuck

Children were much better at keeping the ball. Competition is always good. SB –Fulwood & Cadley

The course was very enjoyable. It came at a busy time in the school year with many other things going on. Ideally we would like to run it in the autumn term when we focus more on soccer skills within PE lessons. MA – Queens Drive

Really enjoyed participating. Communication with Gary was excellent via email. SM -St Andrew’s Children (and teacher) really enjoyed it. Many thanks. PM- Sherwood