Improved ball control (co-ordination)

Football is all about being able to control and move the ball quickly with various surfaces of the body (feet, chest, head etc). Achieving high levels of control enables students to maintain possession and increases their speed of play which will improve their football experience. It is no coincidence that the world’s greatest footballers all have extraordinary ball control skills.

Improved balance (proprioception) and stability

Balance and stability training are often overlooked by coaches, yet are hugely important in the fitness and wellbeing in sport and everyday life. Improvements in coordination, athletic skill, and posture lead to fewer injuries and greater stability. 

Improved concentration and focus (motivation and determination)

Staying focussed on the activity in hand is important in achieving any task more easily and efficiently. The ability to concentrate on the task in hand is a skill that can/ needs to be trained and nurtured. You need concentration to be ready to take advantage of the moment when it arrives and then focus to deliver.

Improved confidence,

Confidence is beneficial to an individual’s happiness and their ability to undertake a task successfully. It also has a positive spill over effect with other people. Hence given the importance of confidence, it is one of the main focus areas of the course. The aim is to increase student’s confidence by seeing them improve their skills and perform them in front of each other.

Improved fitness

The sessions are a form of aerobic exercise and flexibility and strength training which are important in staying healthy and improving your circulation, balance and posture.

While the World around continues to spin in a state of general turmoil, KeepUp aims to be the philanthropic brand that is synonymous with improving children's lives through KeepUp skills and challenges. KeepUps have many benefits, most noticably they give children confidence. We hope as coaches, teachers and parents that you will embrace some of these KeepUp challenges and give your children the wonderful skills of ball control.    

Please click on one of the KeepUp links to watch a short video showing KeepUps no ordinary moments. Through your inspiration, ALL children can achieve many benefits from just one ball, time, practice and your help.

Thank you

The KeepUp team