Kick off with the #25 KeepUp Challenge

Step 1

Move onto the the Freestyle Tyro level moves

Step 2

Advance to Freestyle Rookie Level moves

Step 3

Master the Freestyle Maverick Level moves

Now try and complete the "Around The World" move

Watch the KeepUp & ATW Tutorials

KeepUp Club - A bit more than KeepUps.

KeepUp Family Activity

Have some family fun teaching your own children. Grab a camera and catch the magic moment of a new KeepUp record. Post it on Facebook, create a YouTube account. Whatever you want to do, enjoy the achievement and time spent together creating something unique.

#25KeepUp Challenge

The Challenge is for you and your children, pupils or football team to individually achieve #25 KeepUps or more. It's fun and free and has many benefits. We hope that by giving children the gift of learning ball control that in return you can help other children through our KeepUp Giving initatives.


KeepUpFreestyle is a coaching system that embodies the natural extension of ball control from KeepUps to Freestyle Football. There are seven levels of freestyle/football moves/tricks and stalls called the Freestyle Code. The KeepUpFreestyle coaching system was developed with Freestyle Artiste John Farnworth (John has worked with some of the worlds’ best professional footballers and freestylers on ball control techniques and moves). New and young freestylers can progress quickly to become Tyro freestylers by learning basic ground moves and KeepUps. They can quickly progress to become a cool Rookie freestyler before achieving Maverick status where they learn to perform the impressive Around The World move.

KeepUp Giving

Our philanthropic aim is to use KeepUp Freestyle as a platform for to raise funds to help children in as many ways as possible. Through Challenger Sports, we have helped the Boots2Brazil campaign and also support the NSPCC. We are hoping that the #25KeepUp Challenge can help raise funds for the Teenage Cancer Trust. It would be great if everybody who achieves #25KeepUps could donate £2.50 or 10p a KeepUp to one of our chosen Charities and donate some money for the running of the KeepUp.Club website. Thank you.

Coaching Freestyle

Our franchise and licence partner is Challenger Sports who manage the KeepUp Freestyle coaching franchise. We are currently looking to work with a number of talented young coaches who would like to run their own KeepUpFreestyle coaching sessions and/or coach potential franchises/licences. If you would like to earn some extra money and enjoy coaching, please contact Chris Sharman at Challenger Sports.

KeepUp Club -The Journey

During the late 70's and 80's my friends and I spent almost every minute of our spare time playing and competing with our ADIDAS Tango brightly coloured footballs. Whether the challenges were KeepUp scores or slam against a lamp post, we were outside, safe and active. The years we spent together bonded friendships that have lasted over forty years.
My children like many have fallen prey to modern technology. The KeepUp idea came about whilst walking and talking to a good friend about the frustrations we have with our children spending too much time indoors on their technology. Our goal became to combine technology and KeepUps to build a philanthropic business around all children having fun on their own, with friends, siblings and parents.
The journey from idea to now has been full of ups and downs, my friend and I together built a relationship with World Freestyle Champion and multiple Guinness World record holder John Farnworth. We had meetings with technology companies, accountants, solicitors, franchise experts. We introduced a Digital Marketing Agency into our business to develop a KeepUp app. We met with the regional and National FA, The Youth Sports Trust, local Football Clubs and many other people and organisations we thought might be able to help. We held training days for licences, Keep Up competitions, Freestyle Courses for Sports Students in Preston (UCLAN & Myerscough) and ran a very successful KeepUp league pilot in six Preston primary schools. We even launched a KeepUp Freestyle Coaching franchise with Challenger Sports in conjunction with Premier Football Coaching in Wilmslow. We have been busy spreading the word which when we achieve a significant break through will hopefully enable us to return to the people/organisations we have dealt with and begin to raise significant funds for deserving charities.
I practised KeepUps with both my boys. We all had a lot of fun, at times there were tears of frustration but these are soon replaced with smiles and howls of joy when new records are created. I spent time filming my boys and having fun putting together short video's, together as father and son we spent quality time together outside and in achieving something small but great. Lasting memories. I hope that by putting together this website and promoting the KeepUp Club that many other children, coaches, teachers and parents around the world can have fun together, achieve something special and create lasting memories.

Our 5 KeepUp Targets

  • First - To see boys and girls outside having fun learning KeepUp and Freestyle skills
    FAO - Everybody - Around The World
  • Second - For every child in the World to be taught to do #25KeepUps before reaching 12 years old
    FAO - All Primary School PE Teachers - Around The World
  • Third - For the KeepUps to raise money for Childrens's good causes
    Kind parents - Around The World
  • Fourth - To empower talented unemployed youths to earn extra money by coaching KeepUpFreestyle skills
    FAO- Talented young coaches - Around The World
  • Fifth- To arrange an International sponsored KeepUp day for Children's Charities Around the World
    FAO - A Global Corporate Sponsor - Anywhere Around The World.
  • Thank you for taking the time to visit the KeepUp Club website. If you want to get involve or help in anyway please do not hesitate to get in touch.
    Gary Taylor - Founder of the KeepUp Club

KeepUpFreestyle levels

Would you like to help us ?

KeepUp is a philanthropic brand aimed at popularising Keepy Uppy and football moves and tricks into a free and fun activity. We hope through promoting the KeepUp Club that we will make a big difference to children's charities and good causes around the world.

If you can help support us on our journey, we would be most grateful.

Thank You